Time for a poll!

2015-12-02 16:37:41 by PlagaLurks

Alright everybody, i know how much do you love me after submitting such endearing animations like Anthro bird gives a titjob, Gifs should not be uploaded into the movies portal, Furry hardcore porn on the webz, and 1 start gif wonders like goat dances while showing her ass to the viewer. I have been discussing with marketing expert Dr.Plaga and came to the decision to make a poll to ask my audience what would you like to see for 2016, take part on the poll to drive me forward in this fantastic world i call animation world, leave a comment suggesting new paths to take in this journey, i take your comments very seriously, even if i sound a bit sarcastic at times.



Thanks for taking your time! i love you all!


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